Photograph of Dr. Deborah R. Coen

Doctor Deborah Coen

Mission: To provide exceptional care to my patients in a kind and respectful manner so that each patient feels heard.

About: Deborah Coen M.D. Psychiatric Services, L.L.C.

  • My clinic is accepting new patients.
  • My clinic accepts many health insurance plans. Please call my office to determine whether my clinic accepts your particular insurance plan.
  • My clinic is located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Highway 394 and Highway 494 and is one block west of the Carlson Center towers.

How My Clinic Can Benefit You

I believe that adequate patient recovery cannot be obtained by the short office visits allowed by other clinics and psychiatrists.
Patients of my clinic achieve better outcomes because I allow sufficient time during the initial appointment to obtain a detailed patient history and to explore the challenges confronting the patient.
Once I have obtained a detailed psychiatric evaluation of the patient, I work with the patient to design a course of treatment that will give the patient the best outcome in the shortest possible time.
During follow-up appointments, I carefully examine the progress made by the patient, whether any issues have arisen with the course of treatment as originally designed, and make modifications as necessary.

Suite 235

700 Twelve Oaks Center Drive

Wayzata, Minnesota 55391

Telephone: (952)746-3330